Wednesday, December 14, 2016


The room is spinning. It's moving faster, faster than it has for the past month and a half. Faster than it has since the dinner party. I blink over and over again, attempting to calm myself down, pushing myself to recognize that it's just another day. My hair is dirty, but I have no time to shower this morning. I throw it up and try to ignore it.

The movie theater is practically empty today. I think the managers are starting to get anxious. The holiday crowds are supposed to be pouring in, we've practically been forcing special features down the town's throats. I get off at my normal shift and head to Karnival diner. I'm starving. The bell on the door chimes as I come in and take a seat by the window. My New Year's resolution is going to have to be to stop eating like complete shit. A salad wouldn't kill me. I order a cup of coffee, and sip quietly, flicking through a book Banks lent me. It's interesting enough, but my mind can't focus today. I'm already starting to buzz from caffeine. I should probably get home to call dad soon. I still don't know what to say to him. As I exit the diner, a boy slams into me. I've never seen him before. Or at least, I don't think I have. He murmurs an apology and runs on. I sigh and move to twist my ring. It's become a nervous tick of mine recently. But today, it's not there. I didn't leave it at home. I never leave the house without something on my hands. Did I have it in the movie theater? Lose it to the greasy popcorn butter? It wouldn't be the first time. No. I couldn't have. I made sure to take it off to clean it, and put it right back on afterwards. So where is it? It hits me. The boy.

He's headed towards the direction of the railroad tracks. I can still see his figure, hurrying off. He's a good bit in front of me, but I bet I can catch up. I run, trying to be as quiet as possible. What am I doing? I don't chase robbers. I don't go asking for someone to hurt me. Why do I feel so compelled to go after him? And sneaking around like a spy? I'm ridiculous. I reach the railroad tracks, and the boy is nowhere to be seen. He must have caught wind of my not so silent footsteps. I turn to leave, but something catches my eye from the side of the tracks. It's... money. Not just any money. One thousand dollars. With a note. "To whoever finds this- enjoy".

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